Multimedia technician

This is a person responsible for all the multimedia used, he follows the latest trends and novelties and he does have a broad knowledge regarding multimedia equipment. But apart from his knowledge, he is skilled at using graphic programs and the applications for image processing.

Lighting producer

This is a staff member who deals with light effects. Thanks to his knowledge and sense of taste he is able to create a unique atmosphere of a given place and event. He makes use of both, low-key light effects and dynamic light shows.

Sound engineer

He takes care of the quality of sound and of the comfort of the people presenting themselves on the stage. Backed up by his experience, he is able to bring out the most natural sound which is one of the key elements of the whole event.

Production manager

He stays in touch with you from the very beginning starting from the first organizational meeting, though the calculations and preparing the project of a given event, up to the realization itself. He has a knowledge in the area of sound, lighting and multimedia. He does know a lot, and if he does not know something he knows who knows it.

Every person is important

As you can see our staff do all their best to take care of the realization of your project and they do care about each detail. Their knowledge and experience are extremely beneficial throughout the whole process.

You can find us in and out of Poland

Cracow is our hometown but we work in the whole Poland and abroad.