The history of pitch-and-putt

A pitch-and-putt was invented in the USA in 1927 by Garnet Carter from Tennessee. More than 30000 of such places were generated in the next decade. This dynamic development strongly contributed to its spread in Europe, especially to Sweden, England, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

Short version of the rules of the game

The Pitch-and-putt zone consist of 18 points, which need to be beaten in the correct order. Each player plays in a given point until the ball hits the target. The player has six chances only to pinpoint. If the ball does not reach the hole in those six times, the player gets a penalty and moves to the next point.

Professional equipment and technical service

Professional equipment and the technical service are the facets which we are distinguished by. Thanks to our knowledge, impossible is nothing.

Playing equipment

The clubs used in a pitch-and-putt is the same as for a golf. To be more detailed, this is the last club used for the final hit. It is called a putter and has a flat ending.

Who can play in the pitch-and-putt?

There are no restrictions when it comes to the players. The only condition is a clear understanding of rules and their obeying. The pitch-and-putt is not characterized by stiff golf etiquette, you can wear what you want, but the respect towards other players is a must.

The only group in Małopolska

We are the only owners of a full mobile kit for pitch-and-putt in Małopolska.