Who are we?

We are passionate about events. Our minds are full of ideas, we can’t wait to create unique and amazing things. Our true merits ate openness, innovative approach, professionalism and dedication.

Our experience

We have been organizing the events for more than 10 years. Under the brand “Your event” we function unchangeably since 2011. During all these years we have gained experience in running various types of events: corporate events, conferences and concerts.

What do we do?

First and foremost we make your dreams come true. We organize events on the basis of the clients’ demands. Each project is a closed entity, it has its beginning, middle and the end, it’s done very thouroughly as per the prepared scenario, which is usually talked over. We are also able to rent the equipment and provide you some pieces of advice when it comes to running a given event. We cover all the things related to a given event from A to Z.

Our equipment

Thanks to providing our own technical background we are able to offer competitive prices. You do not spend your money on intermediaries, having the highest quality guaranteed at the same time.

A meeting with us?

That’s a great idea! That’s the biggest step towards your success. You will be given a chance to let us know, to hear what our offer is and how we imagine your planned event. We are careful listeners, observers, we ask many questions to provide you with an offer which will meet your demands.