Who are the DJs?

These are people full of passion, engagement and sense of taste. They easily find themselves in various situations and can smoothly adhere to the participants’ demands.


Our DJs have at least 4 years of experience in running corporate, outdoor and club. They have already performed for the various companies, among others are Cisco, Micosoft, IBM, Akamai, Lenovo, Comarch, Shell, Electrolux, CH2M.


We offer wide spectrum of repertoire, starting from the 1960s up to modernity, including Polish music and music of other countries. The repertoire is always talked over during individual meetings as we always aspire to meet the demands of our clients. If requested, we are able to provide a full list of songs which are supposed to be played on a given event.


We have our own sound and lighting systems, always adjusting the equipment to the number of people and the characteristic features of a given place and the type of the event. Before the event itself, we conduct the site visit bearing in mind the highest level of our services.