Architectural internal lighting

This is a significant part of using light as a decoration. Thanks to these kind of devices, the walls look like being alive, not visible places become more apparent and quiet corners become more dynamic.

Architectural external lighting

Such equipment makes it possible to lighten the buildings, nature and other objects which should be visible to the participants of the events from the outside.

Intelligent movable heads

We have intelligent movable heads, eg. wash, beam spots. These devices are commonly used during various events like conferences or even concerts. Thanks to them, an unforgettable visual effect can be achieved.

Stage light

In our stockroom there are devises which emanate natural white warm light, perfect for fashion shows, lighting of the performers, lecturers during conferences or to light up the works of art.

Gobo projectors

These are devices thanks to which we are able to display a given logo inside and outside of the buildings. Consequently, the sponsors, clients and our brands have a well-shown exposition guaranteed.

Tables and light controllers

We are able to control all the lighting thanks to this equipment; our technicians create a unique show and they are ready to code a given device according to a given scenario and the demands of the event.