Photo booth

It’s not only an attraction on the event but also an innovative marketing tool. Thanks to photo booth you will have a chance to promote your product, company or the event itself. It is a great form of entertainment and a token which makes you remember a given event for a long time.

The choice of layout

There are many backgrounds and frames to choose from. If you wish to have a specially made graphic design, we will meet the challenge and prepare something just for you. An additional personalization makes it possible to incorporate a short text and a logo.


There is an option to make both, black-and-white or colourful photos. In each batch there is unlimited number of photos which are ready in few seconds.

Price list


from 700


from 900

all inclusive

from 1100
Time of making photos 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours
Access in Krakow free free free
Ulimited numer of phoos for you and your guests + + +
Online access to photos + + +
Suitable accessories (masks, cups, glasses, wigs) + + +
Serviceman ready to help + + +
Green screen, which make it possible to create any background for a photo + + +
Copies of all the photos on a data storage device + +
Photos personalization (your name, short texts, a logo, a date) + +
10% of discount
if you order the music fixture of your event the discount can be higher in case of a bigger order of the services we provide.