What is Live Act?

It is a great mixture of music played live with the music played by the DJ. Unique sound and energy created by the artists playing on the stage stand for a great performance, especially in the eyes of the participants. Each show is different, and different in this case means more interesting, unique and fascinating.

Saxophone & DJ

Saxophone is a delicate instrument, which greatly harmonizes with the sound of house music etc. It stands for a perfect option for both, an elegant dinner and a wild party.

Percussion & DJ

Literally and figuratively, this explosive mixture easily transfers the dynamism and craziness onto the floor. Percussion fits best with more dynamic compositions played by the DJ.

Percussion, electric guitar

This trio is a unique phenomenon in Poland. There are only two music groups which make use of such combination. Great fun, sharp rocky edge and unforgettable experience guaranteed!

Your idea for Live Act

Should you have another idea for Live Act, please let us know. Thanks to our cooperation with various artists we can make it happen jus for you.

We perform in and out of Poland

Our home region is Cracow, but we do perform not only in every nook of Poland, but abroad as well.