One man show

This is the show performed by one person only, a satirist who can easily refer to real life situations. He highlights people’s flows in an amusing way with lots of humor. Thanks to such stories he establishes a contact with the audience and takes active part in the entertainment.


This is a show with a satirical character. In a cabaret, the expression of art is derived from short forms, skits. These refer to the real life situations, often with political connotations, touching smoothly those forbidden spheres of life.

Stand up

Contrary to a cabaret, stand up is mostly based on the performer’s charisma and on the contact with the audience rather than on focusing on each verse of the show. The name ‘stand up’ comes from the USA. There are clubs equipped with places to sit, tables and a scene. During so called ‘open mike’ everyone can go onto the scene and start their performance.

Helping with the choice

Deciding which cabaret or artist to choose is not an easy job, that is why we are here for you. During a short conversation about the type of the event, the audience and the occasion, we will prepare for you the list of artists to choose from according to your demands.