From A to Z

All-embracing organization and technical servicing of corporate events is something that we deal with. We will create the whole event starting from the very beginning (idea, scenario, amusements, technical requirements) to its final realization. We are also able to deliver one of the above mentioned services or rent the equipment and deal with technical servicing.


We are flexible enough to adapt ourselves to the place you choose or we are able to suggest a place to organize a given event to make all the participants impressed.

Transport and sleeping

We can offer you a wide spectrum of hotels and transport companies to make your guests feel comfortable.


Depending on the character of a given event, the requirements and the budget we can offer some evening attractions which will make the whole event more diverse and engaging.

Decorations and arrangement

These are the elements which can change a given place completely or which can smoothly refer to the theme of the event.


Our hostesses, supervisors and managers will take care of your comfort and the realization of a given event.


When a place, attractions and arrangements have been already chosen, it’s time to decide which sound, lighting and multimedia equipment should be used during the event. Thanks to providing our own technical background we are able to offer competitive prices. Thanks to us you do not spend your money on intermediaries, having the highest quality guaranteed at the same time.