Lack of equipment

It happens sometimes that a given place does not provide any special lighting and sound equipment or you do have it but you need more to meet the demands of a given project. We are at your disposal in such cases.

Equipment failure

When it occurs in the very last moment that your equipment has a failure, just let us know. If we are able to help, we will do that for sure.

Good technological partner

Do you run an event agency? Do you deal with the organization of events? Are you looking for a trustworthy technical partner? You have just found one. Let’s arrange a meeting to talk over all the details of our cooperation. Just give us a chance and we will try to assure you it has been the right decision.


We have been strongly linked to music and running the events for 10 years and for 5 years we run and play during wedding receptions. You can also meet us on corporate events, occasional parties or in clubs in Cracow. Thanks to our experience we are able to reach a wide circle of the customers.

You can find us in and out of Poland

Cracow is our hometown but we work in the whole Poland and abroad.